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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Did you know the most expensive music videos made?

Michael Jackson holds the record for the most expensive video ever made

Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson

Director Mark Romanek
Cost June 13, 1995 $7,000,000

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Did you know that Michael Jordan was not the number 1 draft pick?

Did you know that two teams passed on the greatest player to pick up a basketball?

Did you know that Michael Jordan was the third overall draft pick?

Did you know that both Olajuwon and Jordan went on to have NBA Hall of Fame careers, Portland's draft decision is regarded by ESPN as the worst in NBA history.[5] Arguing in 2005 that teams should not draft according to current need but to a player's potential, Sports Illustrated listed Bowie as the biggest draft bust in NBA history

Did you know that the first pick went to Houston and that was...

Hakeem Olajuwon (Houston Rockets)?  and

Did you know that Sam Bowie was the second pick for (Portland Trail Blazers)?

Did you know that Michael Jordan was not the number one draft pick?

Did you know what teams were dynasties?

Did you know the youngest person to score 40 points in a game?

Did you know who had the most NBA AllStar Appearances?

Did you know that Michael Jordan won?

Did you know what NBA player has won the most MVP?

Did you know that Robert Horry has more NBA championships than michael Jordan?

Did you know the only basketball award that Jordan did not win was high school state championship?

Now if you didn't know, now you know...

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The only players in history to achieve Quadruple-Doubles


Player Team Date Opponent
David Robinson San Antonio Spurs Feb. 17th, 1994 Detroit
Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Rockets Mar. 29th, 1990 Milwaukee

Alvin Robertson
San Antonio Spurs Feb. 18th, 1986 Phoenix

Nate Thurmond Chicago Bulls Oct. 18th, 1974 Atlanta


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Did you know the NBA All-Time Triple-Doubles leaders?

The number one person was

1 Oscar Robertson Cincinnati Royals (1960/01 - 1969/70)
Milwaukee Bucks (1970/71 - 1973/74) 181 14

2 Magic Johnson Los Angeles Lakers (1979/80 - 1990/91, 1995/96) 138 13

3 * Jason Kidd Dallas Mavericks (1994/95 - 1996/97, 2007/08)
Phoenix Suns (1996/97 - 2000/01)
New Jersey Nets (2001/02 - 2007/08) 100 14

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Did you know who had 30 assist in a NBA game?

For the Most Rebounds in One Game, that would be...

Wilt Chamberlain had 55, Philadelphia Warriors Boston Celtics Nov. 24, 1960

Bill Russell had 51, Boston Celtics Syracuse Nationals Feb. 05, 1960


Bill Russell had 49, Boston Celtics Philadelphia Warriors Nov. 16, 1957
Bill Russell Boston Celtics Detroit Pistons Mar. 11, 1965

Most Assist in a NBA game
Regular season
Scott Skiles had 30 , ORL vs. DEN 30Dec90

and Kevin Porter had 29 , NJN vs. HOU 24Feb78

Most steals in a NBA game

Regular season

Larry Kenon had 11 , SAS vs. KCK 26Dec76

Playoffs Game
Allen Iverson 10, PHI vs. ORL 13May99

Now if you didn't know, now you know...

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Did you know what show was #1 for five consecutive seasons?

American Idol: The Search for a Superstar on the Fox network, the show has since become one of the most popular in the history of American television. It is currently the #1 program in the Nielsen ratings and is one of only three that have been #1 for five consecutive seasons, along with All in the Family and The Cosby Show.

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Did you know what a group geese is called?

A group of unicorns is called a blessing.
A group of kangaroos is called a mob.
A group of whales is called a pod.
A group of geese is called a gaggle.
A group of ravens is called a murder.
A group of larks is called an exaltation.
A group of owls is called a parliament.
Twelve or more cows are known as a "flink."
A group of people is called? A mob, gang, parade, club, party, orgy, team, clan, fans, prisoners, protesters, students, customers or congregation for church folks.

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Did you know who is the most successuful Black NBA Basketball coach?

KC Jones also won 2 NBA Championships but he also took took 2 teams to the Championships as well.

1986 KC Jones, Celtics Won 4-2
1985 KC Jones, Celtics Lost 4-2
1984 KC Jones, Celtics Won 4-3
1975 KC Jones, Bullets Lost 4-0

Bill Russell
won 2 rings as a coach

Bill Russell, Celtics
Won 4-3

Bill Russell, Celtics
Won 4-2

Lenny Wilkens won 1 championship as a head coach

1979 Lenny Wilkens, Sonics Won 4-1
1978 Lenny Wilkens, Sonics Lost 4-3

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Did you know these Strange State Laws?

This collection of Strange Laws that remain in the books today, but rarely enforced...

  • In Texas, it's against the law for anyone to have a pair of pliers in his or her possession.
  • In Philadelphia, you can't put pretzels in bags based on an Act of 1760.
  • Alaska law says that you can't look at a moose from an airplane.
  • In Corpus Christie, Texas, it is illegal to raise alligators in your home.
  • In Miami, it is forbidden to imitate an animal.
  • It is against the law to mispronounce the name of the State of Arkansas in that State.
  • In Illinois, the law is that a car must be driven with the steering wheel.
  • California law prohibits a woman from driving a car while dressed in a housecoat.
  • In Memphis, Tennessee, a woman is not to drive a car unless a man warns approaching motorists or pedestrians by walking in front of the car that is being driven.
  • In Tennessee, it is against the law to drive a car while sleeping.
  • In New York, it is against the law for a blind person to drive an automobile.
  • In West Virginia, only babies can ride in a baby carriage.
  • In Georgia, it is against the law to slap a man on the back or front.
  • A barber is not to advertise prices in the State of Georgia.
  • In Louisiana, a bill was introduced years ago in the State House of Representatives that fixed a ceiling on haircuts for bald men of 25 cents.
  • In Oklahoma, no baseball team can hit the ball over the fence or out of a ballpark.
  • In Rochester, Michigan, the law is that anyone bathing in public must have the bathing suit inspected by a police officer !
  • In Kentucky, it's the law that a person must take a bath once a year.
  • In Utah, birds have the right of way on any public highway.
  • In Ohio, one must have a license to keep a bear.
  • In Tennessee, a law exists which prohibits the sale of bologna (sandwich meat) on Sunday.
  • In Virginia, the Code of 1930 has a statute which prohibits corrupt practices or bribery by any person other than political candidates.
  • In Providence, Rhode Island, it is against the law to jump off a bridge.
  • In the State of Kansas, you're not allowed to drive a buffalo through a street.
  • In Florida, it is against the law to put livestock on a school bus.
  • In New Jersey, cabbage can't be sold on Sunday.
  • In Galveston, Texas, it is illegal to have a camel run loose in the street!
  • In North Carolina, it is against the law for dogs and cats to fight.
  • In Singapore, it is illegal to chew gum.
  • In Cleveland, Ohio, it is unlawful to leave chewing gum in public places.
  • In Virginia, chickens cannot lay eggs before 8:00 a.m., and must be done before 4:00 p.m.
  • In New York, it is against the law for children to pick up or collect cigarette and cigar butts.
  • In Massachusetts, it is against the law to put tomatos in clam chowder.
  • If you have considered entering the legal profession, consider earning your online law degree. Choose from a wide range of programs, including online paralegal degrees, and many more.
  • In Washington State, you can't carry a concealed weapon that is over 6 feet in length.
  • In San Francisco, there is an ordinance, which bans the picking up and throwing of used confetti.
  • In Kentucky, it is illegal for a merchant to force a person into his place of business for the purpose of making a sale.
  • It is against the law in Connecticut for a man to write love letters to a girl whose mother or father has forbidden the relationship.
  • In Michigan, married couples must live together or be imprisoned.
  • In the state of Colorado, a pet cat, if loose, must have a tail-light !
  • In Phoenix, Arizona, you can't walk through a hotel lobby with spurs on.
  • In California, a law created in 1925 makes it illegal to wiggle while dancing.
  • In Utah, daylight must be visible between dancing couples.
  • In Michigan, it is against the law for a lady to lift her skirt more than 6 inches while walking through a mud puddle.
  • In North Carolina, it is against the law for a rabbit to race down the street.
  • In Georgia, it's against the law to spread a false rumor.
  • The law states that more than 3000 sheep cannot be herded down Hollywood Blvd. at any one time.
  • In West Virginia, one can't cook sauerkraut or cabbage due to the odors and the offence is subject to imprisonment.
  • In Missouri, a man must have a permit to shave.
  • In Texas, it is still a "hanging offense" to steal cattle.
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Did you know what the strongest muscle in the body is?

Did you know:

The strongest muscle in the body is.... the tongue.

If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die.

An average person spent 24 years of his life in sleeping.

• E is the most frequently used letter in English.
• The only three English words beginning with dw are; Dwarf, dwell and dwindle.

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Did you know what the Bird Collegiate Rule is?

The Bird Collegiate Rule.

The NBA draft eligibility rules were changed to prevent teams from drafting players before they were ready to sign.

When the Boston Celtics selected the 6'9", 220-pound Bird 6th overall in the 1978 NBA Draft, even though they were uncertain whether he would enter the NBA or remain at Indiana State to play his senior season. Bird ultimately decided to play his final college season, but the Celtics retained their exclusive right to sign him until the 1979 NBA Draft, because of the NBA's "junior eligible" rule that existed at that time (allowing a collegiate player to be drafted when the player's original "entering" class was graduating and giving them one calendar year to sign them, even if they went back to college). Shortly before that deadline, Bird agreed to sign with the Celtics for a US $650,000 a year contract, making him at the time the highest-paid rookie in the history of the NBA.

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Did you know who was the first black astronaut?

That was...
Robert H. Lawrence, Jr., 1967, was the first black astronaut, but he died in a plane crash during a training flight and never made it into space.

Guion Bluford, 1983, became the first black astronaut to travel in space;

Mae Jemison, 1992, became the first black female astronaut.

Frederick D. Gregory, 1998, was the first African-American shuttle commander.

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Did you know what artist have had two diamond albums

The only 2 hip-hop artist to have gone diamond is...

Eminem and Outkast both of which sold over 20 million worldwide.
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Did you know that Ludacris graduated Summa Cum Laude from Georgia State University ?

Rap and Hip Hop Stars Who Went to College

Everybody knows that Kanye West decided he was better off without higher education - see his incredibly successful album, ''College Dropout''. But what about the rappers who stayed in school? Being educated may not be part of the hip hop image, but it has helped a lot of high-profile rappers achieve success.

Lil Wayne went to the University of Houston

Did you know these Rap Stars have Degrees?

Actually, not everyone on this list has graduated. But every hip hop artist below either got her degree, is currently attending college or, like Common, has acknowledged his years in school as an element of his success.

  • Lil Wayne attended the University of Houston (UH), but hails from New Orleans. At the tender age of 11 Wayne met rapper Bryan Williams, owner of Cash Money Records, who mentored him through his teen years. Wayne began releasing solo albums in 1999, but didn't achieve his current level of super-popularity until his 2004 album 'Tha Carter.' He's received one Grammy and been nominated for eight others.
Roxanne Shante has her PhD from Cornell
  • Roxanne Shante didn't just go to college - she got Warner Music to put her all the way through her PhD at Cornell. Coming out of Queens, New York, Shante achieved early success as a teenager with her biggest hit, 'Roxanne's Revenge.' She continued to perform with other artists through the late 1980s until she retired from music at age 25 in order to pursue a career as a psychologist.
Ludacris Went to Georgia State University
  • Ludacris graduated Summa Cum Laude from Georgia State University (GSU). He got his start in Atlanta, Georgia as radio DJ Chris Lova Lova. In 2000, he and his manager co-founded Disturbing tha Peace, an imprint distributed by Def Jam, and he released his first major solo album, 'Back for the First Time.' Luda has subsequently released several hugely popular records, including the quintessential modern rap album 'Chicken-n-Beer.'
David Banner went to Southern University and the University of  Maryland
  • David Banner has a bachelor's degree in business from Southern University - and a master's in education from the University of Maryland. Banner, hailing from Jackson, Mississippi, achieved his first major musical success in 2003 with 'Mississippi: The Album.' His professional achievements also include acting, record producing and philanthropy. In 2006, Banner received a Visionary Award from the National Black Caucus of the State Legislature for his work after Hurricane Katrina.
Talib Kweli went to NYU
  • Talib Kweli studied experimental theater at New York University (NYU). It's no surprise that Kweli went to college - he was raised in Brooklyn by two professors. Kweli first appeared on the rap scene in 1997, and released his debut solo album, 'Train of Thought' in 2002.
Sean Combs Puff Daddy P Diddy went to Howard University
  • Sean Combs, better known as Puff Daddy or P. Diddy, went to Howard University. One of today's biggest rap stars, Combs has three Grammy Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards and a successful clothing line. He got his music industry start in New York City as an intern at Uptown Records, where he later became a top executive.
Paul Wall went to University of Houston UH
  • Paul Wall went to UH. Wall was a local boy, raised in Houston and rapping in classic deep South style. He's been affiliated with Swishahouse Records for many years, but didn't achieve widespread success until Atlantic Records released his 2005 album, 'The People's Champ.'
MIA  went to Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London
  • M.I.A. graduated from London's Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. She's of Tamil descent, and spent her early years living in Sri Lanka. Due to political turmoil, M.I.A. and her mother and siblings became refugees in London in the late 1980s. M.I.A. started out as a visual artist, embarking on her musical career after electroclash artist Peaches introduced her to the drum machine. She rocketed to musical popularity with the single 'Galang' in 2003.
Ice Cube went to the Pheonix Institute of Technology
  • Ice Cube studied architectural drafting at the Pheonix Institute of Technology. He was raised in South Central Los Angeles, and got his musical start with legendary rap group N.W.A. Ice Cube's solo debut, 'AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted,' became an instant hit in 1990, and he's sustained a successful music and acting career ever since.
Flavor Flav went to Adelphi University
  • Flavor Flav graduated from Adelphi University. Flav is another old school rap legend. A founding member of the rap group Public Enemy, he hails from Long Island and began his career back in 1984.
Chuck D went to Adelphi University
  • Chuck D, another founding member of Public Enemy, got his degree in graphic design from Adelphi University. He's a New York native who's been credited as one of the earliest socially and politically conscious rappers.
Rah Digga went to the New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Rah Digga, who's from Newark, went to the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She became famous as a member of the Flipmode Squad, a hip hop group led by Busta Rhymes. In 2007 she left the Squad on good terms to work on her solo career.
Common went to Florida A and M
  • Common, formerly known as Common Sense, studied business at Florida A&M University. Hailing from Chicago, Common credits his time in Florida for exposing him to southern style hip hop. His first solo album came out in 1992, but he didn't achieve major acclaim until the early '00s, when he won two Grammies and started acting in major films.
The Blue Scholars went to the University of Washington UW
  • Sabzi and Geologic, who make up Blue Scholars, met as students at the University of Washington (UW), where they were both part of The SHOW (Student Hip Hop Organization of Washington). This socially conscious hip duo has been rapping in Seattle since 2002.
E-40 went to Grambling
  • E-40 studied at Grambling. He was raised in Vallejo, started rapping with Bay area rap group The Click and released his first solo album in 1993. E-40 achieved mainstream success two years later with 'In a Major Way,' and has subsequently released over ten albums.
Plies has a nursing degree
  • Plies has a nursing degree. Born and raised in Florida, he started his music career as a producer with his brother on their independent label Big Gates Records. His first rap album, 'The Real Testament,' was released in 2007.

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