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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Did you know that the CouchSurfing project was conceived by Casey Fenton in 1999?

 Did you know that CouchSurfing is a hospitality exchange network and website?

Did you know that almost 2.8 million members in 246 countries and territories across the world participate in the CouchSurfing network?

Did you know that Couchsurfing is the practice of moving from one friend's house to another, sleeping in whatever spare space is available, floor or couch, generally staying a few days before moving on to the next house?

Did you know that it is free to register on the Coachsurfing network, members have the option of providing information and pictures of themselves and of the sleeping accommodation they offer, if any?

Daniel Bedingfield.

Did you know that  Julian Assange  and Daniel Bedingfield are famous Couchsurfer?

 Julian Assange

Did you know that there are three methods designed to increase security and trust, which are all visible on member profiles for potential hosts and surfers?

  1. Personal references, which hosts and surfers have the option to leave after having used the service.[2]
  2. An optional credit card verification system, allowing members to "lock in" their name and address by making a credit card payment and entering a code that CouchSurfing mails to an address of their choice. This also allows CouchSurfing to recoup some costs by requiring a fee for verification. For fairness, the verification fee is based on a sliding scale, taking into account the Purchasing Power Parity and Human Development Index of the country of residence.
  3. A personal vouching system, whereby a member that had been vouched for three times — originally starting with the founders of the site — might in turn vouch for any number of other members he knew or had met through CouchSurfing, and trusts.

Countries with over 500 registered CouchSurfers as of 3 January 2011

Did you know that Paris is the largest city with the number of resident Couchsurfers?

Did you know that English was spoken by nearly 74% of registered Couchsurfers. French (20%), Spanish (17%) and German (16%) were also spoken?
Did you know that the average age of a Couch Surfer is 28 years of age?

Did you know that the CouchSurfing project was conceived by Casey Fenton in 1999?

Did you know when Fenton's thought of the idea about coach surfing he was looking for finding an inexpensive flight from Boston to Iceland, when Fenton randomly e-mailed 1,500 students from the University of Iceland asking if he could stay he received received more than 50 offers of accommodation and Coach Surfing was born?

Did you know that on the 5 th of March 2009 in Leeds, UK, a man named Abdelali Nachet raped a woman from Hong Kong who stayed at his place through the CouchSurfing project.[8] Nachet was sentenced to 10 years in prison?

Abdelali Nachet

Did you know that CouchSurfing as a mission statement to Create Inspiring Experiences?

At CouchSurfing International, we envision a world where everyone can explore and create meaningful connections with the people and places they encounter. Building meaningful connections across cultures enables us to respond to diversity with curiosity, appreciation and respect. The appreciation of diversity spreads tolerance and creates a global community.[10]

Did you know that CouchSurfing International Inc. is a non-profit corporation incorporated in the U.S. state of New Hampshire

Now if you didn't know, now you know...

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