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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Did you know that Postmen serve over 150 million addresses six days a week?

Did you know that although your dog won’t bite you in 2009,  2,863 Postal Workers were bitten?

Did you know that you don't have to stand in in line when you go to the Post Office?

Did you know that you can buy stamps online at

Did you know that you can place a hold on your mail, change your address and apply for a passport all from the comfort of your home?

Did you know that the Post Office even offer free package pickup and free flat-rate envelopes and boxes all delivered right to your doorstep?

Did you know that Media Mail is a bargain that many people don't ask for? 

Did you know sending a 10 pound package of books from New York City to San Francisco through Media Mail cost $5/89, compared with Parcel Post $16.77? 

Did you know that Media Mail is not only books, it is also manuscripts, DVDs and CDs?

6. Did you know that UPS and FedEx charge you $10 for messing up an address? Did you know that Post Office don't charge you anything, they just send it back?

Did you know that it is better to use a ballpoint pen, because they don't run like a felt tip marker?.

Did you know that Postmen serve over 150 million addresses six days a week? 

Did you know that most postal workers don’t mind if you pull up to their trucks to get your mail earlier? Although though they do have an issue if pull up to the window and wait for them to deliver it to you!

 Now if you didn't know, now you know...

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