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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Did you know that Jesse James was one of the 10 Most Hated Celebrities of 2010?

Did you know who were the 10 Most Hated Celebs of 2010?

Number 1

 Justin Bieber – Number one is the guy you love to hate, Justin Bieber? The prep-swirl shagcut that beckons at you from every prepubescent boy at the mall? The simple and often lip synched songs? The cocky attitude that makes Kanye West look like the late Pope John Paul II?

Number 2

LeBron James
  – What a bum rap LeBron James received because he left Cleveland. He went from being on top of the basketball world. This ill-fated decision changed the way NBA fans and even non-NBA fans viewed LeBron perhaps forever.  Before a televised audience of millions, he spurned his home state Cavs to take his ‘talents to South Beach.’  He had not let the Cavs know before hand about his decision. He embarrassed the Cavs franchise and a fledgling city before millions. He became the man a state turned against him. as his ‘then’  had the best record in the NBA upon entering the playoffs. 

Number 3 

Heidi Montag &  Spencer Pratt  – The most futile and irritating reality couple, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, is once again between the ten most hated celebs of the year. Heidi started the year revealing a plastic surgery makeover that completely disfigured her 24 year-old face and body, making her feel like Edward Scissorhands. Spencer, the enabler, was even accused of keeping his plastic doll imprisoned at home. 

Number 4

LeAnn Rimes  – LeAnn Rimes, was dubbed a husband stealer.  While celebrity affairs and scandal occur on the daily, it’s the Twitter declarations including her February tweet celebrating her “one year” relations with Cibrian, the public Helped her to earn a spot on the most hated  celebrity.

Number 5

Jesse James – earned his spot on the list when he became the man who broke Sandra Bullock’s heart.  I mean, what kind of guy does a thing like that? His multiple affairs (no less than seven!) with various skanky women, including Nazi Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, destroyed his marriage.  Later he had the nerve to call Sandra “the love of his life” and admit that he threw away a pretty amazing life for… what? A number 5 spot on the most hated celebrity list. 

Number 6

Miley Cyrus - dropped her good persona, and reinvented who she was with a racy new image and bad girl attitude with her re-invention album, “I Can’t Be Tamed” – from outrageous wardrobe and dirty dance moves to simulating lesbian kisses on stage and bumping and grinding with an older guy at a club. Miley’s busy year did not end before cheating on her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, drinking some beers in Spain, her parents’ divorce, the celebration of her 18th birthday and finally being caught on camera while getting high on a salvia bong. Helped her to earn a spot at number 6.

Number 7

The Kardashians  – I guess it’s the irritating sense of entitlement or the fact that none of them seem to have a legitimate talent and are essential paid to be pretty. What do they really do besides exhaust the world’s supply of bronzer and fake eyelashes? They are good for helping their men win championships, although I am sure those cocky attitudes help them gain their spot at number 7.

Number 8

Jersey Shore Cast –The guidos and guidettes of MTV’s Jersey Shore have become household names, and there’s no stopping them now. Just when you thought the madness had ended with season 2, it appears that Snooki, JWoww, Sammi, Angelina, Pauly D, Vinny, Ronnie, and our favorite. Hey do they have black people in Jersey?

Number 9

Kanye West – Kanye West said in an interview he’s the Michael Jordan of music and the voice of our generation – I’m not the type to hate (okay, so I’m lying), but when you start making comments like that, someone needs to shoot him down. He thinks he’s the voice of the people. He thinks he’s a trendsetter. He somewhat is, but not a positive one. I can’t stand his belligerent arrogance and hate how he is nothing more than a whiny crybaby who plays the victim in everything. I am surprised with his great attitude that he did not rank higher...

Number 10

Ke$ha (15 votes) – Ke$ha is one of those girls that seems to get away with anything and everything. She reminds me of a young Lady Gaga. We all know that time and time again we hate her. The way she dresses the way she wants and does what she wants. And we can’t forget that naked picture scandal that Ke$ha got involved in. Is love her drug?

Now if you didn't know, now you know...

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