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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Did you know that World Boxing Champion Mannie Paq is am·bi·dex·trous?

Did you know that a ambidextrous person is a man or woman who can use both hands equally well?

Did you know that people that are naturally ambidextrous are rare, with only one out of one hundred people being naturally ambidextrous?

Did you know that in modern times, it is more common to find people considered ambidextrous who were originally left handed and who learned to be ambidextrous either deliberately or during childhood institutions such as schools where right-handed habits are often emphasized or required?

Did you know that since many everyday devices (such as can openers and scissors) are asymmetrical and designed for right-handed people, many left-handers learn to use them right-handedly due to the rarity or lack of left-handed models?

Did you know that left-handed people are much more likely to develop motor skills in their non-dominant hand than right-handers?

Did you know that right-handers may become ambidextrous due to an injury of their right hand or arm?

Did you know that Ambidexterity is often encouraged in activities requiring a great deal of skill in both hands, such as juggling, swimming, percussion, keyboard music, baseball, lacrosse, surgery, boxing, martial arts and basketball?

Did you know that in boxing, Manny Pacquiao has a southpaw stance on the ring even though he is really right-handed outside the ring?

Did you know in tennis players Luke Jensen and Maria Sharapova are ambidextrous?

Did you know that some players find cross-dominance advantageous in golf, especially if a left-handed player utilizes right-handed clubs.?

golfer, Mac O'Grady
Did you know that in golfer, Mac O'Grady was a touring pro who played right-handed, yet could play "scratch" (no handicap) golf left-handed. He lobbied the USGA for years to be certified as an amateur "lefty" and a pro "righty" to no avail?
Did you know that being a natural left-hander but play golf right-handed is known as cross-dominance or mixed-handedness?

Did you know that in basketball the player may choose to make a pass or shot with the weaker hand. NBA stars David Lee, Derrick Rose, Andrew Bogut and Michael Beasley, are ambidextrous players?

 Did you know that brothers Marc Gasol and Pau Gasol can make hook shots with both right and left hand while both their dominant hand is right?

Did you know that Candace Parker, forward for the WNBA Sparks team, also has equal dominance with both hands?

Bill Durnan

Did you know that  ice hockey player, goaltender Bill Durnan, was nicknamed "Dr. Strangeglove" for his ability to catch the puck with either hand?
Vezina Trophy,
This feat won him the Vezina Trophy, then for the National Hockey League's goalie with the lowest goals-against average, six times out of only seven seasons.
Did you know that many modern small arms employ ambidextrous design to accommodate both the right- and left-handed operator?

Did you know that this is advantageous for marketing the weapon to military or law enforcement units because the weapons are distributed in a large scale,  eliminates the need for training left-handed operators to adapt to a right-handed weapon?

Now if you didn't know, now you know...

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