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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Did you know that a POPE is not allowed to have any personal worldly possessions?

Did you know that the POPE, (The Holy Father) makes no salary, although, of course, as the Pope of the entire church all his needs are met?

Did you know that the Pope does not personally own any of the possessions of the Church, he is no more than their caretaker?

Did you know as Bishop of Rome his duties are enormous, time consuming, and extremely tiring?

Did you know that the only time a POPE can receive income is only after retirement, they receive a retirement pension as a former POPE?

Did you know that a POPE is not allowed to have any personal worldly possessions?

Did you know that if a Pope receives gift other than things like books that those things are are given away?

Did you know that the POPE is head of state for the country of Vatican City. Like a Queen or Prime Minister or President?

Did you know that when a POPE visits government are because it is his diplomatic responsibility to visit with the leaders of the countries he visits?
 Did you know that not all priest take vows of poverty, that is a myth?

Did you know that only religious order Priests take a vow of poverty?

Did you know that Diocese an priest only take vows of chastity and obedience to their local ordinary (Bishop)?

Did you know that a diocesan priest can make a nice salary and all expenses?

Did you know that if a former diocesan priest becomes Pope he then must give up his salary?

Did you know that the Popemobile (Italian: Papamobile) is an informal name for the specially designed motor vehicles used by the pope during outdoor public appearances without having to employ the antiquated and often impractical sedia gestatoria?

 Now if you didn't know, now you know...

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