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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Did you know that 88% of female sex offenders were teachers and 23% were baby-sitters?

Did you know that sexual abuse by women rarely gets reported?

Did you know that people find it difficult to understand that women could sexually abuse?

Did you know that  the profile of Female Sex Offenders is that she has?

»  low self-esteem
»  history of severe emotional and verbal abuse
»  absence of parent during childhood
»  sexual (especially incest) victimization of the woman as a girl
»  loss of spouse
»  responsibility for supporting family
»  feelings of isolation and alienation
»  history of indiscriminate or compulsive sexual activity
»  history of drug or alcohol abuse

Did you know that the majority of female offenders were family members who tended to abuse within their role as caretakers; 25% were baby-sitters, teachers or day care workers?
Did you know that 88% of female sex offenders were teachers and 23% were baby-sitters?

Did you know that in the Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect, 7% of sexual abuse investigations involved mothers as the alleged perpetrators--5% biological mothers and 2% stepmothers?

Did you know that when the victim is male, female offenders account for 1% - 24% of the abusers; when the victim is female, female sex offenders account for 6% - 17% of the abusers?

  Did you know that in an American Justice Department study of 60,991 victims of sexual assaults, female sex
offenders were most common in assaults against victims under age 6 years of age. For these very young victims, 12% of offenders were females; for victims aged 6-12 years, 6% of the offenders were female; and for victims ages 12-17, 3% were female sex offenders?

  Did you know that female sex offender research shows that women co-abused alongside a male partner in 50% - 77% of female offender cases? 

Did you know that Female Sex Offenders are Classified into four different groups?

  Predisposed Intergenerational: The most common type, a lone female perpetrator with a history of incest with more than one person.
  Male-Coerced: The next most common, with abuse being initiated by male partner.
  Experimental/Exploiter: A lone teen perpetrator who targets young male children within a baby-sitting context.
  Teacher/Lover: A lone perpetrator who falls in love with an adolescent male.
One example of the Teacher/Lover category of female sex offenders is the Mary-Kay Latourneau case in America. She not only had a sexual relationship with her underage male student, a baby resulted from the relationship.
Now if you didn't know, now you know...

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