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Friday, December 24, 2010

Did you know the benefits of hot water?

Did you know that hot water also helps in increasing the range of motion of the muscles?  

Did you know that if you suffer from insomnia that by taking a warm shower two hours before they hit the sack will help in relaxing the body and thereby inducing a good nights sleep?

Did you know that according to experts, soaking yourself in hot water will help dull any pain that you are experiencing, in any part of the body.?

Did you know that soaking in hot water brings about changes to the circulatory system, which affect the other aspects of the body mechanism?

Did you know that the longer the body is soaked in hot water, it causes the blood to warm up and the warm blood reaches deeper and deeper into the muscles, which leads to expanding of the blood vessels.this helps in muscle relaxation? 

Did you know that if you have a boil or pimple on your body, that if you run hot water on it has hot as you can stand it for a couple of minutes that the heat will bring the boil to a head?

Did you know that a benefits of drinking hot water, one of the important benefits is that it helps in cleaning the system by removing the unwanted material and toxins from the body?

Did you know that a number of us suffer from headaches which we are unable to find the cause of. In most cases, it is because our bowel is not clean? 

Did you know that drinking water helps our body to work more efficiently and also prevent constipationdiarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome?

Did you know that drinking hot water also helps to combat skin disorders like eczemapsoriasis, dry skin and also wrinkles?

Did you know that people who want to lose weight, or are weight conscious, should make it a habit to increase the consumption of water, hot water in particular?

Did you know that hot water helps in decreasing the amount of fat cells in the body? 

Did you know if you are the kind who suffers from sleepless nights, you may want to try drinking hot water, as it will ensure a relaxing and restful sleep at night? 

Did you know that if you can not open a stubborn lid that if you run hot water over the lid for 30 to 45 seconds it will free the lid? 

Now if you didn't know, now you know...

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