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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Did you know that Silver is your 25th Anniversary Wedding Gift?

Did you know that these are Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts from your 1st year to your Sixtieth?

Anniversary #Traditional GiftModern Gift
FirstPaper AnniversaryPaperClocks AnniversaryClocks
SecondCotton AnniversaryCottonChina AnniversaryChina
ThirdLeather AnniversaryLeatherCrystal / Glass AnniversaryCrystal / Glass
FourthFruit / Flowers AnniversaryFruit / FlowersAppliances AnniversaryAppliances
FifthWood AnniversaryWoodSilverware AnniversarySilverware
SixthCandy / Iron AnniversaryCandy / IronWood AnniversaryWood
SeventhWool / Copper AnniversaryWool / CopperDesk Sets AnniversaryDesk Sets
EighthBronze / Pottery AnniversaryBronze / PotteryLinens / Lace AnniversaryLinens / Lace
NinthPottery / Willow AnniversaryPottery / WillowLeather AnniversaryLeather
TenthTin / Aluminum AnniversaryTin / AluminumDiamond Jewelry AnniversaryDiamond Jewelry
EleventhSteel AnniversarySteelFashion Jewelry AnniversaryFashion Jewelry
TwelfthSilk / Linen AnniversarySilk / LinenPearls AnniversaryPearls
ThirteenthLace AnniversaryLaceTextiles / Furs AnniversaryTextiles / Furs
FourteenthIvory AnniversaryIvoryGold Jewelry AnniversaryGold Jewelry
FifteenthCrystal AnniversaryCrystalWatches AnniversaryWatches
TwentiethChina AnniversaryChinaPlatinum AnniversaryPlatinum
Twenty-FifthSilver AnniversarySilverSilver AnniversarySilver
ThirtiethPearl AnniversaryPearlDiamond AnniversaryDiamond
Thirty-FifthCoral AnniversaryCoralJade AnniversaryJade
FortiethRuby AnniversaryRubyRuby AnniversaryRuby
Forty-FifthSapphire AnniversarySapphireSapphire AnniversarySapphire
FiftiethGold AnniversaryGoldGold AnniversaryGold
Fifty-FifthEmerald AnniversaryEmeraldEmerald AnniversaryEmerald
SixtiethDiamond AnniversaryDiamondDiamond AnniversaryDiamond

Now if you didn't know, now you know...

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